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Blue walls display different human silhouettes.
Yellow walls can be placed on the right, on the left and upside.
To break red walls you have to punch the marked circles. It could be needed one punch or two at the same time.

There are many different Shapes in OhShape that the player will have to navigate through. The player has to move through carved out walls, dodge or break obstacles that come towards him following the beat of the music. Buttons are needed to navigate through the menu and pause/exit the game, but the game itself is played only by moving the each part of the body to the exact position. All the walls are semi-transparent so the player can see through enough to anticipate what is coming next. There are three types of walls:

-Blue walls with different poses: the player has to put their head and their hands in the right spot. Poses range from single arms, to cross arms, to dabbing, lunges, squats, plus other choreography.
-Yellow walls: the player has to avoid their head touch this walls, although the hands can go in.
-Red walls: the player has to break these walls punching in the marked area at the right time.

Besides this, there are some other key gameplay elements:

-Golden gems: the player has to grab these items with the controllers to increase the final score. They are optional, so missing these items neither subtracts points nor reduces the health bar.

-Combo meter: every time the player does 4 successful moves in a row, the combo meter raises. This can multiply the score by x2, x3 or x4. If the player misses a wall, the combo meter restarts to 0 and the health bar is damaged. If the health bar reaches 0, the game is over but each successful move hels a small portion of the life bar.

-UI: score, combo and health bar are displayed at the floor so the player can glance at it. At the end of the game there is a screen that shows the number of gems collected and other general performance stats.